Friday, 26 September 2014

First ever post... and fuzzy kiwi nails!

A few days ago I had some flocking powders arrive in my letterbox.  I love the velvet nail look but it was something I was afraid to try when I first saw it making the rounds.  It looked like a messy job and I was certain the powder just wouldn't stay on once I'd washed my hands.

I decided to try a test nail the day I received the powders, and surprisingly it stayed on for about 4 days, so I decided my next painting session would involve the flocking powders somehow... but I wanted something more interesting than just velvet nails.

A few days later I happened to get some fimo fruit slices in the post too, and when I saw the kiwi slices I remembered the odd brown coloured flocking powder that I thought would end up at the bottom of my stash, never to be used.  It turns out that brown colour is a perfect match for kiwi skin and inspiration struck.


I was really pleased with how these turned out; they're quite eye-catching, and definitely unique.  And the best bit is they were really quick and easy to do.  I'm now trying to think up some more inventive ways to use flocking powder...fuzzy peaches maybe?

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